I have been waiting for this game ever since it was first announced. I have been looking forward to a continuation not only to the story of the 40k universe brought to life in a game instead of a book but the space battles of 40k that not many have ever attempted. But, unfortunately i do not think you guys listened to the players at all in the last game. Not only did you take out the ability to customize your ships leveling up your captains and ships has been removed you can no not even name them now which brought a sort of pride to the multiplayer. You took out the entire reason to play the multiplayer, in the first game you had to tactfully pick your ships for your fleet for each engagement. every move every turn every hit was worth something. there where drawbacks to retreating ships and losing ships you couldnt spam one class because you where limited to a specific number of each class. i dont mind that we start off with every tier off ship but instead of giving access to all the ships why not one class per type and as we level up our ships in a class we can buy new classes as we level up the base class. Dont get me wrong, the way the multiplayer is now would be great for skirmish matches against npc's but players? not at all it has no replay value.

The game looks great you guys did a wonderful job on all the models and little extra things to make the ships and worlds look appealing. However, i watched your live broadcast on facebook between breaks at work, and at some point one of the people said that the ui had been changed to decrease clutter and make it easier to see and identify everything you need to. I didnt care when you said its not really 40kish anymore but holy shit, it is one hundred times worse. you took the old ui and everything that mad it kind of ok and then you scraped together a new one and said look its better because its new and blue. you can hardly see any part of the battle field the blind spots it causes are astronomical it takes up 50 to 60 percent of the screen and worse of all you took out a staple rts button, the arrow that removes the fucking ui when you dont need it. thats not better thats worse.

i want this game to be great i want it to succeed but in the current state the only thing you guys have going for you is good graphics and a lot of factions and ships and its not fun to play them more then once. the replay value is zero, i played the prologue which im guessing is the only part of the story im allowed to play right now which is cool and all because its beta but i dont think im going to play that at all even if i do keep the game its super slow you guys explain nothing about the story and more than half the cut-scenes are just people telling you what your about to do in the next mission no reason why this is happening or anything at all we just get tossed straight into the shit against a blackstone fortress no climax not arching story like the first game just boom big bad guy first 90 seconds. we want story why is abbodon here why is cadia important why must they destroy it not just some lady talking to her ships that all die for no story plot reason at all just so you can show ships ramming into the fortress to crash it into the planet which im 90 percent sure isnt even accurate to the actually story.

this game has so much potential and for some reason you guys are dumping it down the drain and i dont know why and you guys say people asked for these changes? no, every comment blog tweet and every one i have talked to said the changes you made kill any fun you could have with this game and i have to agree. you took out everything that mad people want to play the first game and buy this one and you stripped that away from the game.

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