[Feedback] Necrons under powered and fleet sizes too small

Hi guys and girls, So lots of good things happening in this game but only time will tell. The below is, of course, my opinion on things.


So yeah the Necron ships are too expensive and frankly weak. There clearly is a balance issue with them as the high-cost does not add up to their performance on the battlefield. For example, in a 1v1 I can deploy x1 Necron BS and X2 CR while the imperial navy can deploy X2 BS's x3 cruisers and x1 light cruiser. I know someone's probably gonna comment saying "Don't use a BS than" and that isn't the point because I should have that option and still have a good chance of victory and to not to get steamrolled. The regeneration of the ships is also pretty poor. Shouldn't one of the perks of the Necrons be that they regen their decks and troops, not just hull points? (The admiral upgrade Tesseract Crpytp doesn't work at the moment btw)

Fleet points:

So 1200 points in 1v1 which is an increase from the 700 we had in BFG1 (without the mod). This could still be better in my opinion. I want to see the battlefield full of ships kicking the crap out of each other.

So 600 points in 2v2. You devs haven't learned anything, have you. Put the limit to 1200 points at least otherwise, your games gonna be short-lived like the last one because it will get boring.

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The Cairn certainly does not feel that worth it when you look at its point cost and what you expect from it both lore and crunch wise.

What sort of saves it for me is starpulse spam where you just jump onto the enemys face with the upgraded star pulses and blast most of their fleet into the next match provided they are bunched up (still fairly effective against 1-2 ships aswell though).

You can use star pulse and the teleport to do alot of damage, but those are almost the only two things the Necron have in their arsenal to stop people from ramming them and tearing their ships apart.
-No Shields
-Bad maneuverability
-No torpedoes or bombers
-A repair that reduces max health and doesn't help unless your fighting a war of attrition
-Half of their abilities Admiral abilities are area of effect abilities that buff friendlies that are hard to use due to the range required having to be one step removed from melee range, and only effect other necron ships
-Their admiral ability that buffs repair in clouds to being actually good encourages you to cycle out your ships, but if your playing a 2v2, or hell even a 1v1, you don't have enough ships to just stop fighting and hide for a minute in the nearest gas field.
compared to the imperials, who can brace for impact to reduce damage when overwhelmed and innate repairs when ship parts are damaged, the Necrons can regenerate an extra health point, giving a whooping 60 hp in 30 seconds, but that's absolutely garbage because they can lose a good quarter of their help when overwhelmed

I agree. Even trying to decrease the difficulty of the skirmish, the Necrons are still suffering a lot.

Tbh they feel fairly strong to me and fine price wise, they almost seem immune to morale and troop loss and their ability to teleport around means that skill shots are almost worthless against them, giving them a HUGE advantage.

About fleet points.
I have to disagree on this one, it would be really cool to see a ton of ships broadsiding each-other point-blank, but in my experience that would be a colossal pain to manage (even without as many skills and upgrades to worry about).

About the Necrons:
I also haven't seen all that much benefit so far from the Necron regeneration, but I haven't played more than a couple of matches with them as of this posting so take that with a grain of salt. I do also get your point about the Necron's fleets seeming pathetically small in comparison to other fleets, but the individual ships are borderline OP by comparison.

Agreed. Its pretty sad the only thing keeping them viable (starpulse) is also the thing being complained about as OP in the other forum. Something really needs to be done about points costs or stats. If I have to pay more than another faction does to field a cruiser (compared to their battleship) then it better be at least equivalent. It, at the moment, is not.

1200 points is already a LOT of ships to keep track of. Selecting a bigger blob of ships and moving them wouldn't, at least for me, make the game more fun. In fact the opposite! Getting boardings / torpedoes / other abilities off consistently in a brawl is very difficult, especially on factions such as eldar where ships without orders will usually stop and kill themselves. I really prefer the 600 point 2v2 games because I feel like I can actually do a good job microing all my ships.

For an alternative to the starpulse meta on necrons, here's a good 1v1 necron fleet we used a lot in the last beta.

1x LC as admiral, 2x Cairn, 2-3 escorts.
Take mass recall on the admiral and send it to flank a different direction than the cairns. Sneak it up behind enemy ships as they move toward your cairns, and jump forward if spotted too early. Hit mass recall and your cairns will show up in front of it, staring at the juicy rears of your enemies ships if you set it up right. Turn on dispersed arcs and win the brawl. The cairns can starpulse immediately if you want, and they still have their jump so they can pursue fleeing ships.

To the people saying that larger fleets are bad because you don't like to micromanage to many ships:

Adding options for various fleet sizes pointwise would let you keep your smaller fleets, and let us who like bigger fleets also get our fun out if the game.

Just as you can go smaller than 1200 pts, you should be able to choose to go bigger.





for instance. Then if you want to do a MP/Skirmish battle you could opt for a specific size to your liking. Everybody wins. Everybody is happy. The game sells more. Even the devs are happy.

@skalgrim-fellaxe See now this guys got the right idea. Giving players the option not restricting them to the points sounds like a good way to go 🙂

So nice to see I'm not the only one that thinks the same about the Necrons atm. Hopefully, the Devs pick up on this and act accordingly.

The Starpulse is an awesome ability no doubt which I have used to great effect to kill isolated ships and maneuver out of Orky rams. But it still I feel does not weigh up against the other factions 😞

As someone who has played a lot of Necrons in both Skirmish and Multiplayer (that still does not mean I like multiplayer if you have seen my personal post about forced multiplayer) The necrons are powerful, able to take down an imperial ship's shields in 1 to 2 vollys (spelling) and having 100% accuracy on weapons. They can also regenerate health overtime. Because of this, all of their ships are overpriced for balance.

Problems in terms of what are supposed to be problems

  • No shields
  • Few in number
  • low maneuverability

Problems in terms of poor balancing

  • They feel like glass cannons insted of overpowered tanks (I die really easily)
  • medium wapon range with poor close range protection when all offensive abilities are close range
  • The repairing does not help at all and is not noticeable
  • The gas cloud ability is close to useless because you need to get away and the only way to get far enough away is to teleport but you need to teleport to get close for star pulse or get way after star pulse so it will be on cool down.

Possible fixes

  • Give the ships more health or armor. This will allow for them to go close range and use close range abilitys without loosing 75-80% health (happend to me on multipule occations with thier battleship)
  • Give them 1-2 more point on regeneration (if it is raised too much it will be overpowered but if not raised at all, you should just get rid of it.)
  • decreace the cooldown on the teleport by 10-20 seconds (based on balancing) but maybe decreace the percentage reload gives it (depending on balancing)

I am not a game developer but I have played way too many games so you can either dissmiss this, take it with a grain of salt, or think of this as the 3rd testement. all I know is that the necrons need balancing and I hope you (Tindalos) fix them soon.