[Feedback] After first impressions last night

Very happy with how the game plays so far - jumping back into the campaign again tonight!

Few wishes:
× Auto cast some abilities/skills like in BFG1
× Shift or ctrl+click to select ships and group them together.

× chat option in lobby
× in-game 'reconnect' option
× option to hide skills/ship choice in 1v1
× optimization so many ships don't break my fps 💫

Will take a closer look at the campaign tonight 🙂

My thoughts:

  1. Wish that obstacles like asteroid fields could be constantly highlighted without the need to press Alt.
  2. Autoengage should start the battle as being on
  3. Important: it's very hard to see what buttons at the bottom of the UI are highlighted. They just seem to be white if on. I think they should be much more visible, such as neon green when on.
  4. A little hard to tell enemies from allies in battle. I know their health gauges are different colors, but it could be clearer.

Just my two cents.

clearly you are both smoked because half of what you asked for is blatantly explained in the tutorial and prologues IN DEPTH.... so yeahh what are you doing?

Definitely with Game kNight on this. I have often found myself wishing that I could shift+click ships to select multiple single ships for quick commands. Auto-casting was also really nice for certain skills like boarding actions and sometimes bombers.

Control and click does group ships.