[Report] Game freezes when trying to create a "Custom Fleet" / High Memory Usage

I was trying to create a "Custom Fleet" for the necrons. I chose the ships, and wrote a name for the fleet calling it "Harvest Fleet" when I clicked to create it the game froze.

Not only that, I noticed my computer began to slow down, to the point it took it several minutes to open the task manager. Once the Task Manager was loaded I could see the game had 14+ GB of Memory Usage, clogging my entire system. The moment I terminated the application my Memory usage went from 99% to 11%. I currently have 16 GB of RAM.

Here is an image of the frozen screen, the mouse was stuck on the save button. I play in 1600x900 windowed mode. (not borderless)

0_1544105716825_NECRON FREEZING.png

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It happened again, only this time I was inspecting the tooltips on the ship abilities. The mouse got stuck on one. Luckly I had the task manager already open just in case. I could see how the game process began to allocate more and more memory for it, but it remained frozen. It would appear that at for some reason the game has some kind of memory overflow and freezes, then the process starts allocating more and more memory to it.

Buddy of mine has this same issue. Cant form his own custom fleets because when he tries to it crashes his game 😕

I'm having the same issue. Although the extent of it is new. Even when I first tried the game on release day the issue existed but the game would only freeze for a moment and then would return to normal. Now however, I'm having it every time I click on them fleet screen. I have 8 GB of RAM, enough to play the game smoothly without stuttering or lag but low enough so that when the error happens I can't even access the task manager.