MudRunner Daydream...

I was sitting about thinking of what would make me want to play MR some more, and this fantasy land popped up.

Imagine a map the size and detail of, say, Ghost Recon: Wildlands or FryCry, which had a few starting points to choose from. You'd spawn into a garage, and you'd explore the map 32+ other players. You could play logging or good old 4x4 exploration. You wouldn't need to find friends on forums to play, you could just join up and find others to tag along with as you explore maps. You would run across other players as your drove around. Also, realistic weather conditions would be a cool addition. Some realistic rain showers would add some more realism and challenges.

I haven't the slightest idea of if it is even possible, but games like Assetto Corsa or Arma have huge servers and maps, I just think it would be cool to integrate something similar for this, even if it is a mod. Understandably it would take countless hours and difficult to do, and thus would never likely happen, but I think it would open the game up immensely.

I've thought about this setup as well, but the current peer-to-peer networking setup probably wouldn't be up to the task... All those tracks and ruts and the like would be a synchronization nightmare, look at GTA online compared to single-player; FAR less traffic, pedestrians, etc. online because that's just too much stuff to keep track of on everybody's end all at once...

@thrashedchassis i have never played those, just how big are those maps compared to say GTA or Chernarus from ARMA/Dayz mod?

i imagine it would be a nightmare of a map with it's size for a map maker, but i have always thought it would be neat to have a map the size of Chernarus in the game.

yeah i feel the game as it is could maybe do a 6 player lobby at best (mainly due to map size), but 32+ players? would need dedicated servers for sure.

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I'm playing through Far Cry 3 now, and this game did cross my mind. Not necessarily the large map size, but the differences in elevation, nice scenic cliff side roads and high-ish mountains, and not 100% off road. I don't know about the gameplay, though. I'm not a fan of driving around for the sake of it.

@lombra i hear ya, which is why i like to do all sides of the game. i like the trail ride side, but there is just something about the challenge of delivering loads as well. hence why i try to push map makers for more double duty maps. nothing quite like hauling a load of logs on a hard to extreme trail map. lol