[Feedback] Skirmish "campaign" from BFG: Armada and Fleet management

Dear Focus Home Interactive Team,

first of all thank you so much for giving all of us the opportunity to beta-test the BFG Armada 2. I have greatly enjoyed BFG Armada, it has been by far my favorite Warhammer 40k and "naval" tactics game and I am very excited about Armada 2, especially the greater fleet variety.

Therefore, while I understand you are primarily looking for technical feedback, I thought I would also share with you some first impressions and thoughts on the game: The combat completely lives up to my expectations with more variety and complexity and larger battles: Great job, thank you!

What I am missing however (and that may be solely because those particular features are not included in the beta yet) is the fleet management /squad building elements outside of battle. Despite not having narrated campaigns for most of the factions, it was great fun in BFG Armada 1 to progress a fleet from a few small ships to a large Armada over increasingly large skirmishes and through level-up choices and especially the favors tailor individual ships to specific roles. I also really miss the Space Port screen where you can look at the individual ships from your fleet close-up and see the modifications that e.g. favors make. I am hopeful that this game mode will still be implemented, if not in the release version, then maybe in a future DLC.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

EDIT (06.12.2018 14:00 CET): I see there is quite a lot of debate on this issue in the Steam discussions (e.g. https://steamcommunity.com/app/573100/discussions/0/1743353798880799566/?tscn=1544085498#c174335379888183899 , https://steamcommunity.com/app/573100/discussions/0/1743353798882162757/ ) with some people saying they considered the fleet management "a grind". Therefore I just wanted to emphasize that this does not need to be an either/or matter - it would be possible to add a progressive skirmish mode in addition to the current one.

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That is something I have been worried about since the Closed Alpha. I understand that the progression mode was problematic for the multiplayer in BFG I, but it was perfect for skirmish. It gave a nice progressive learning curve for all the races, as well as a nice attachment to your customized ships. Besides, it made battles feel different, as the first battles, with just a couple of light cruisers felt very different form the last ones with fully upgraded battleships and battlecruisers.

I heard in the livestream that you want to make more campaigns but you aren't sure its going to be possible as they are very expensive to produce. So, please, if you can't add a campaign mode for every 12 factions, at least give us a new progressive skirmich mode. I would even pay for it if you decide to release it as a DLC.

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I agree with the above sentiment, that there are a lot of people who like the new MP system and some who miss the skirmish progressive mode. Game developers want people to play their games with longevity in mind. Giving those options is the best tactic, so they continue to buy DLC etc. Adding the progressive mode as an addition to what they have now would be beneficial. Together with expending on the custom AI, with not solely the ability to choose between 200-1200 points but what the AI ships are, these options should not be too difficult to add. It is great option to run parallel for testing out strategies we come up against from multiply battles we have problems with or choices we make in campaign side of the game. Or people who just like the separate progressive skirmish mode.
Apart from that I feel there on the right path. Should be easier for them to balance out the fleets in this version of the game, compare to the last. If they add a few nice options they could be on a winner. Keep up the good work.

I also loved the fleet that you slowly build up from the ground 🙂 made for fun fleets and you felt an attachment to your ships. Well, I did anyway 😃

What broke it in Armada 1 though was that your ships werent more expensive when they leveled up, which gave low leveled players a serious disadvantage. The points they gained for beeing lower leveled newer were enough to turn the tide either so unless those 2 issues were fixed though id say that the system would have the same problems it had in the previous game...

I agree with both Ansark and Demoulius, the progressive skirmish mode provided for a great way for newcomers to ease their way into the game IMO. I've also thought that making ships more expensive as they get more levels would have been a good balancing measure. I understand that this late in the development devs probably won't have time to bring something as huge as the skirmish mode back, but I would be just fine with paying a small price for it later if you do bring it back.

@mr-hurdy-gurdy Couldn't have said it better myself. It's also nice in games like the Total War series to be able to test certain units against others in a controlled environment in order to really get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.

I had to create an account and post here when I heard that #2 doesn't include the mode talked about in EVERY good review of Battlefleet Gothic #1... It was everyone's favourite part, it was why people kept coming back to the game. It was even modded so you could do larger battles multiplayer... How could you not include it in #2? Definately a deal breaker for me. Sad, I was really looking forward to playing this with my brothers and friends 😞

As one of the people who worked on the table top game and played the first video game, I support this message.

I did find that it could get tiring needing to do the grind for each fleet separately, but it was fun the first few times.

In total support of most said here, I am however against the idea of it being a paid DLC as the code for the things mentioned already exists, it is in the first game and it works very well and suits the close feeling of being the overarching leader of a fleet as you supervise new upgrades and skill-sets for each individual ship so you know what they are good at and that they are important to you. With the current setting, most ships feel a very expendable even as battleships cause they don't feel 'made' or earned in some respects by said player.
Hope that doesn't get misinterpreted for a lengthy grind but the time from new fledged admiral to rank 8 admiral felt just right.

My biggest grip is skirmish doesn't feel any bigger at all, its about the same amount of ships despite a higher cap which feels a bit of a let down cause I like the current BF 1 size but the option for larger battles would be fun for just the spectacle or to tax those micro-managing skills.

I completely agree and ready to subscribe to all the above creator of the topic.
Please follow the customization of the fleet and individual ships according to the levels, names, bonuses of the head of upgrades and crew. Also please return such skills as a micro warp jump and detector. Without them, something to do with the Eldar is not that very difficult, but impossible.

I completely agree and ready to subscribe to all the above creator of the topic.
Please follow the customization of the fleet and individual ships according to the levels, names, bonuses of the head of upgrades and crew. Also please return such skills as a micro warp jump and detector. Without them, something to do with the Eldar is not that very difficult, but impossible.

Going to jump on this aswell. The new MP fleet setup is better IMO than the first game since you don't get ganked by super high level fleets as above posters have said.

But I do like myself some skirmish mini campaign if you like.

Made an account just to give my two cents. Completely agree with you, the skirmish/ rogue lite game-play was my favorite part of the original game.

It wasn't a ton, but just having the individual races docking station and slowly leveling your way to bigger and badder ships gave the game a TON of replayability for me. I tried just about every faction, and felt that it gave a really good connection to the ships.

I really hope they consider re-adding this back to BFG armada 2, even with less features. It would be amazing to play the same mod with all of the faction variety in the second game.

The current skirmish mode is cool, but it feels a bit soulless compared to the one in the last game, as it is pretty much just the custom battle mode from the last game. The game itself is great from what I've played, I just really hope skirmish is returned to its prior state!