[Feedback] My First Thoughts on the Beta

First of all I think this has the makings of a great game but I have a few things i would like to see changed / added:

  1. I miss the level of individual ship customisation hat was available in BGF:A1. It would be great to see a mode that brings this back similar to the skirmish mode in the original.
  2. It would also be good in this mode bring back some sort of progression, whether it is unlocking new ships and building up your fleet (I can see why this wont work for multiplayer - but a single player skirmish mode could have this), or enhancing and upgrading your ships.
  3. On my PC with a 1920x180 resolution the UI features dominate the view of the battlefield, could some sort of UI scaling option be added to the settings?
  4. Again on the overall UI and view of the battlefield, could the zoom out range be increased so a wider view of the battlefield can be seen.
  5. Please bring back the detected and identified enemy ship list. It is really annoying having to scan around the battlefield to find enemy ships you are already engaging, and also makes ship identification MUCH harder to pick your targets, and focus your strategy. It also doesn't feel like it fits with the overall lore. These ships scanners would be picking up lists of all the local threats and ships and displaying as much information as possible. Having to specifically click on each enemy ship to see this info really slows down the game, and I;'m having to write the details down on paper so I can remember which is which.

Just my thoughts.

I second comments 1 and 2, which I just raised in my own post (Sorry for redundancy).

I agree with all of Edwarddod's points. In hindsight, 4. would actually make the larger scale battles a lot easier to manage, and thereby even more enjoyable in terms of gameplay 5. is also something that I feel like I may have taken a bit for granted in BFGA 1. I also would really like skirmish back but I can see why you wouldn't be able to fix its problems before release. It would be nice to perhaps get it back as either a single player only dlc or even perhaps newly fixed for multiplayer a bit later?