[Feedback] HUD bar/ship info

Because ship positioning and weapon arcs are very important I think the "extra" pull up Ship Info display should either be on by default or better incorporated and maybe have a more simplified layout (as in BFG 1) 40/40/20/20 etc.

P.S Thanks for this amazing game, the ship combat is awesome and very deep, it has a bit of a steep learning curve but well worth it!

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I tend to agree with ravagerX on all points (especially the comment about ship combat, the main reason I love this game so much), and it would also be nice, and work with his point if the Ship Info display were significantly smaller. As it stands, as useful as the ship info display is, it feels like it clogs up an unnecessarily huge portion of the screen. Maybe you can make the ship picture smaller to start, or possibly hideable; that would probably help a fair bit.