Can't play with the same people on next round? (And no votekick?)


I heard that the game will not implement a system where you can play with the same people as long as someone decides to leave?
By this I mean that if you have good teammates and good opponents and you all are enjoying the game and want to continue playing together, the game won't "allow" it. So after a game you are all thrown back to the queue and scattered to different servers (unless by some luck it throws you back to the same one).

I heard the game will have proper servers too which eases this but still I think being able to continue with the same people even when doing quickmatch would be pefect.

I also noticed there will be no vote-kick system in the game? I know I am not the only one who thinks that in small scale 5v5 battles such as this, the vote-kick system is crucial. Sure, teamkilling will get you kicked but those people who grief and troll know of plenty of other ways to ruin other peoples game than just TK'ing (blocking, doing a little team-damage, spamming, AFK, etc..)

So having these two systems implemented to the game would in my opinion enable the game to be more long-lived and more attractive to players.

Thank you for doing a good job so far!

@nobana I have to agree. It’s quite disheartening to have such a good, long, well balanced match with funny, enjoyable, cooperative company only to be put in a completely different server next match with no population/toxicity/AFKs/trolls/unbalanced and or terrible team.. I am aware of the custom servers and this is the only way I used to play Insurgency 2014 but now with the ability to earn currency and unlock cosmetics (which I quite enjoy) not being a part of custom servers for reasons I can understand.. I will not be playing many of them. Maybe much later down the road when I am a very high level and care less about my characters appearance things will change.

This was a bad decision, it really feels like they are shooting themselves in the foot here, I imagine the only reason they won't do this is cause it would take to long to implement into their current server/matchmaking architecture. but even then i feel it would be a good thing to focus efforts on.

@nobana Agreed. It would be nice if they added official servers to the server browser and allow us to stay in one server. Save the matchmaking stuff for competitive.

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+1 The best experience I've had is from custom servers, playing many rounds with the same people over and over again