[Feedback] suggestions and feedback for the first beta, on the first day

First off, i must say i had a blast, the game feels so much better then the first, and im talking about the gameplay and the engine itself feels better. I only had two bugs, and that is the audio dsyncs when you tab out sometimes, and my friend would get kicked from the game after every skirmish we played.

my main problem is the balance and the over all fleet roster is rather low and sort of lacking for tau fleets, as well as the craft world eldar need to be more fleshed out for some of the larger ships. As for the balance, I can't stress enough that the space marines feel lacking to be fun and enjoyable to play and and the eldar really need to have the pulsars back on the hotbar with a button like the nova cannon instead of a normal weapon or on a slight swivel with the current system. They currently stop the ship before starting to fire, and then staying still without forcing them to move.

i look forward to the improvements, as well as getting better at the game.

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Beside the boarding torpedo problem I made a topic about I agree with you , this game has the potential of being a masterpiece with minor bugfixes but let's not forget that this is a beta afterall not the complete game and damn if isn't it good. I got to admit I'm pretty dissapointed that you can't equip individual ships with their own unique upgrade like you could in 1 but I guess that's a balancing thing.