[Report] Regular crashes during fleet customization.

I think fleet selection\customization screen if cursed or something-every time i enter it i have 50% chance to crash the game or game freeze itself and my computer(cant escape with altf4 or cad, have to reboot). I dunno why its happening but realy i cant even change fleet sometimes without rebooting my pc. Please fix asap.

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Hi can you send us a dxdiag so we can see your configuration and the dump for the crash located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\Crashes ? It would help us find the source of the issue.

Dxdiag and crash info in one rar. I guess i can upload only pictures on this forum so had to use file hoster.

It’s a memory leak issue, myself and another person have tracked down the problem

Well thx for dyagnosis ,but i kinda hope for solution?

I’m working on a solution at the moment, if I find one I will post it up, the problem is occurring due a spike in ram usage when you click create fleet and the RAM used is not being released, hence the leak, The devs for this game are notoriously slow when it comes to replies and patches, so wait out.