[Report] GAMEBREAKING Tau Protector Bug

I'm running a 1v1 fleet currently as Tau and have several Escort ships(Wardens) in my lineup. I also am running a light cruiser(Borkan) that has the Gravitic Hook Warden. Allowing me to tack on an extra warden in battle. However, The Gravitic Hook seems to be spawning more and more and more escorts with each game I play, against AI or Ranked. I started in the First match with 5(I think) and in my Last game I started with 11 Escorts. I haven't tested the limit or whether restarting resets it back to 5 yet or anything but It got out of hand in my battles very fast.
I am loving this game so far though I just wanted to report this bug.

The Gravitic hook Keeps increasing the number if Escorts I spawn with

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Thank you for the report. I will notify the devs about this bug.

Noticed a similar issue with Tau Merchant Fleet.

oh yay i got 28 wardens in a game and its a bit op in 2v2