[Info] Prolouge Broken

After geting the battle barge through the mine field. Next event does not trigger.

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Can you provide more information ? You went through the mine field until the explosion completed the objective and then never got the next objective ?

After moving the battle barge throught the mine field. I got to the blue line "safe zone" The next event did not trigger. I had the barge fly all over the map.
No choas ships entered from behind. The objective did not trigger complete.
It did this twice. The thrid time it did trigger...and some really nice kabooms...followed. With repost if it happends again.

I know it might not be convenient for you but could you possibly make a video of this issue and upload it to youtube (keep it private idealy) ? We've never encountered it before and we'd like to see it. If you can't we'll have to treat it as a "unable to reproduce" unfortunately.

Will do if it happens again.