[Report] Ship Stat Block Errors

- Shadowhunter ES is listed as having Shadow Lance Artillery. I assume this is meant to be a Pulsar Cannon Beam.

- Despoiler BB has two seperate launch bay systems and does not explain the difference between the two.

- Baleful Gaze LC seems to be missing a weapon system. The only one listed is the Scythe Missile Artillery.
- Fiend Ascendant C does not give proper stats for its launch bay. It has the stats of a regular weapon.
- Bleak Soul C has a unique launch bay that does not explain itself well.
- Dying Sun BB seems to be missing a weapon system. It has the same weapons as the Iron Thorn BB minus the bays.

- All torpedo systems list firing 0 shots.

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Hi, for the asuryani Shadowhunter, it's meant to have a Shadow Lance Artillery, no bug here. The launch bays on the Despoiler chaos are the same, it only separates the two on the side and the one in the front. The drukhari and T'au seem to have some issues indeed i'll report them to the devs ! Thank you !