Just a few minutes ago, I was on a Coop server. After the map was changed, I couldn't change my class/loadout or anything at all. It was frozen after the loading screen was finished. So I alt-tabbed out of the game a couple of times to see if anything was fixed. But now, I was kicked for "Anti-Cheat Violation" and I seemed to be permanently banned from joining up the server. I have never used a cheat program or anything of a sort in my life. And I am just baffled that this even happened.

Please!! have a look into this and see if the issue with the anti-cheat software can be resolved. The software that I may feel like might have had a conflict with the game might be Nox Multi-drive, but this was not running any of the Nox players at the time, so I'm not sure how that would have made a conflict with the anti-cheat.