commpetitive mode exploit

Using your first person perspective while dead to watch part of a map and make call outs.
I know most of the time your body slumps over and the camera angle is not always good, but here's an example of how i died on B and can still see half of the objective.
can we make the camera go instant black upon death.

@reeceaus I get what ya mean but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal because your alive teammates can’t hear you or see what you type. Although I guess unless your using something else to communicate with your team then could be an issue I suppose.

Still an issue if close to respawn, then you can get enemy intel on dead body. Spectating your teammates should be plenty.

@planetcanada people use discord because they don’t like the radio effects or the ambient radio chatter that can give away your position.

People also use Discord because they like to communicate with eachother before the game loads, as people load in and while selecting servers. Oh, and because most people are totally inaudible in the ingame comms.

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