Inconsistent server display and unable to bring party into server

When attempting to join a server as a party my other party members are not brought with me. In addition to this when browsing servers it is not consistent on which servers it displays.

I am sitting right next to another player, with the same filters and it never shows the same list. Most of the time it omits servers completely. Its super frustrating when you are trying to join a server with people you know having to roll the dice on the refresh button.

There also doesnt appear to be a functioning way to invite/join people into a server you entered unless im missing something.

This needs to be fixed before release as there will be many players flocking to the game during the free weekend. Making it very difficult for them to browse servers and play together is going to be a very poor first impression.

I'm frustrated like you are! Paid for a Multiplayer game so I can play with friends and it is missing BASIC FUNCTIONALITY that has been around for a decade and WAS PART OF THE ORIGINAL INSURGENCY!?!? I've discovered if you create a party in the lobby and then use the game's "Matchmaker," to find a game then your entire party will be pulled into the game. If, however, you want to select a specific server to play on...... you're out of luck. The rest of your party will sit there staring at their screens forever, because they won't automatically join the game with you. Ridiculous.