[Not a bug] Cannot save Tau Merchant fleets

Created a bunch of fleets, but cannot save them despite having a correct name, point and escort allowment.
Not sure if it's related to the MP servers being offline

Details: Trying to create a Tau merchant fleet,

Removing escorts still does not allow me to save the fleet.
However removing some ships and adding one Tau LC or Cruiser (Demiurg doesn't count) then allows me to save it????
Makes no sense, seems like Demiurg and Kroot Vessels are not considered real vessels.
There's no text to describe why this is the case.

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Had a similar issue, hovering over the back button, then going back to the save button seemed to solve it (or it was chance?)..

Hi, you cannot make a T'au fleet with just auxiliary ships because they cannot be Flagships, you need at least one T'au Light Cruiser (or above) to be your flagship. This is true for both T'au Protector and T'au Merchant. Hope this answers your question.