maelstrom and variants

stuff like AM rad-tempest device , dark eldar dark matter cannon and the eldar maelstrom need imo a redesign. they are instant effect abilities with huge click ranges, no tells to avoid them and two of them have unlimited usage. I think it would be fine to have some fleet specific superior bomb types, but these are totally unleashed compared to the standard bomb skills. shout-out to the spore field, which is a cool rework of the sensor probe stuff.

they arnt bombs tho
they are dot
and not even very high dot
instead of boosting to dodge the marker you boost out of the area its storming resulting in the storm to have done 5 damage

@Ashardalon: 20 r̶a̶w̶ unmitigated damage per second is one and a half battleships firing at you. like bombs, they are area denial tools, but unlike bombs they can be used without any effort.

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@fosil The DE one seems really broken. DMC + Stasis lets you lock down entire fleets and do huge damage.

The slow effect really isn’t neccessary when it’s an insta-cast 225 True Damage ability.

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