For the Greater Good... of learning BFG2!

Hey everyone.
My name is PrimusPilus and I am a new admiral to BFG. I have played BFG 1 in the past, but never to the extent I wanted and I think with the release of BFG 2 I would love to engage with the game and learn it as best I can.

I would love to learn from more experienced players and would love to play practice rounds and be coached by effective admirals.

My favorite factions to play are Tau (either fleet), Necrons, and Imperial Navy (I suppose SM and AM are included in that one).
I am also a streamer at Metagamingtv ( and I will be streaming BFG2 regularly.

I appreciate any help, advice, tips, training, and practice and would love to learn this incredible piece of strategy and tactics!

The one tip I would give is start the match with your entire fleet in "Brace for Impact." With the increased potency of assault actions being able to to outright disable a ship from spawn. Brace will double the power of you defence turrets to shoot down more Assault Boats and Boarding Torps.