capture points location

imo it is not enough to have the same distance from the spawn area to the capture points for each side. often enough one player has his points clustered together with the neutral point into one area while the other player has his points more scattered over the map.

A somewhat asymmetrical start makes the game more interesting. If one player wants to defend 3 points with a heavier fleet, he can simply cross over to the opponent's side and set up there.

@Jamodon: you can try to wipe out the other fleet asap and ignore VPs, but if you don't dominate the other player, you want to defend three points. simply crossing over means that you start with a point disadvantage and I don't think random handicaps are fun.

I would prefer if they were fixed, and you had fewer than five, to give my take on it.

Although, I must say, it’s less punishing now than it has been. Mostly due to it seeming to take longer to cap points, it used to be much faster to flip a cap. Gives brawlers time to close in, more games seem to reach a proper conclusion now.

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I would be satisfied, if they keep the random placement, but have it mirror-inverted at the mid-line.