But wait is this really true Devs? (Itchy Trigger Finger)(Overview Trailer)

I heard something very interesting while watching the “Overview Trailer”. And I quote “And as long as your finger is on the trigger you can always take a shot” so now I’m wondering if there are some small changes coming in regards to this because currently this is just plain not true! Really didn’t want to nitpick but this is something I have already requested a few times and like I said just off the top of my head I can give you two examples of where this is not true. #1 Sprinting — Currently you cannot shoot your gun while sprinting/running but yet my finger is on the trigger is it not? I know it definitely could and should be and to be clear I’m not suggesting that you have great if any accuracy in this situation! Nevertheless.. #2 Sliding — Once again despite major accuracy penalties my finger could and should be on the trigger while sliding.. Juuust saying! Hell going into prone (which should be a small dive if sprinting IMO) finger on trigger. Jumping, free falling etc.. All very trigger fingerable situations lol.. Anyways just thought I would toss that out there as it caught my attention the most out of that entire video. As always Game On!

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@planetcanada I'd rather not turn SS into the EFT style meta where you can basically fire your gun at any time. It makes drop-shotting 10000% more cancerous.

I think sliding and firing should still be allowed, though. Just nerf the cone of fire so it isn't like 160 degrees lmao.

EDIT: You can also fire while melee attacking with your firearm, which I think the trailer was trying to show off with the Glock 17.

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@marksmanmax Hmmm fair enough I just always kind of look at it from a stand point of could I actually do that myself (even possibly) and although I seriously doubt my ability to run then slide on my knees for 5-10 feet on pavement no less lmao and then shoot a gun (with any type of accuracy what so ever) lol but I seriously think I could fire my gun as I run.. It would definitely slow you to maybe a jog from a full on run but I feel is still do-able. Aim is another story anyways I didn’t really expect them to take any of those suggestions like this seriously just thought it was odd they would tote such a feature in the video that didn’t seem to exist in game for me. That being said maybe you are correct and they were referring to melee/glock firing while sprinting.. I was unaware this was possible 😂.

I'm not sure in this context what "finger on the trigger" means, but if you've got your finger on the trigger of a rifle while sprinting or sliding you're doing it wrong.

Can you realistically fire a gun while sprinting? Sure, but it's stupid. There's far too much movement in the shoulders while sprinting or running for any kind of accurate shooting. You'll be spraying bullets recklessly all over the place.

Shooting while moving generally means walking, taking a shot with every step so that both feet are on the ground for every shot.

@maa_bunny So essentially you just reworded what I already admitted above? Yes I could run and shoot a gun. Is it practical? No. Could I do it yes. Would I retain any accuracy what so ever? No. Anyways it’s a video game once again you can slide on pavement on your knees for what seems to me like 10 feet? Kick a door clean off it’s hinges and kill a person in the process need I continue.. I was simply saying that in the video it sounded to me like he was saying that if your finger is “on” (properly off to the side? On the trigger guard?) the trigger you can shoot!!! Maybe I took it out of context but hey that’s how it took it lol I am in no way a soldier or have been in the army or any war of any kind but I have shot guns before a few different types and for the most part I’m pretty confident I could run and shoot at the same time. Granted with next to no accuracy!

@maa_bunny said in But wait is this really true Devs? (Itchy Trigger Finger)(Overview Trailer):

Shooting while moving generally means walking, taking a shot with every step so that both feet are on the ground for every shot.

Yeah, but SS ultimately isn't that type of game. You basically described something like Escape From Tarkov.

Of course, sprinting and firing would be ridiculous, but firing while sliding isn't that bad IMO since you still can't ADS.