Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 First Launch and Known Issues

Hello Admirals!

Please find below a list of things you should first check when launching the game this evening, as well as known issues.

Please keep in mind that this is an actual Beta and we'd love to hear your feedback about the game. Don't expect an entirely polished experience as we're still working on ironing out technical issues and balancing.

Before you launch the game for the first time
If you have previously played Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, please ensure that you delete any files located in your AppData folder (please note AppData is a hidden folder):

When you launch the game for the first time
When you launch the game for the first time, we recommend taking a look at the following settings

In the graphical settings menu:

  • We recommend to setting V-sync to: ON
  • Resolution Scale should be at 100% by default
  • Anti-aliasing is recommended to be set to Temporal AA by default
  • Sharpen Image is recommended to be set at 60% by default
  • Gamma is recommended to be set to 2.2 by default

In the audio settings menu:
All the audio settings should be at 100% by default

In the key bindings menu:
The game detects QWERTY properly in our tests, it is good to verify that you are in QWERTY by default

Known Issue List

Launching the game
If you are using Windows 10 and Fullscreen display mode, there is a possibility that the display will be corrupted with green flashes.

This is an NVIDIA-GPU issue sometimes with Unreal Engine Games.

Fix: Please use windowed or border-less window display to avoid the issue

We have noticed an issue on the first launch of the game with some anti-virus programs (such as Avast) The issue will only appear at first launch and we recommend rebooting the game if you encounter an issue upon launch.
If the game crashes at launch, delete your local folder in AppData and verify game file integrity on Steam.

Do not change your local files or that could create issues with the Anti-Cheat system

There are several known issues with the texts displayed in-game

  • Some texts start with an asterisk at the beginning
  • Rarely, some text is missing
  • Values are sometimes not properly displayed and will look like a localization key


  • Cutscenes can sometimes look laggy, especially with V-sync deactivated
  • Subtitles in the first cutscene of the game are slightly off timing at the end
  • Icons in the tooltips (such as Lance_Icon) are not displayed
  • There are text issues in the prologue
  • It is possible to block the game at the end of prologue mission 2 if you destroy the Blackstone Fortress before the end of the dialogue
  • The Blackstone Fortress can be mutiny
  • In the Interactive Cutscene at the End of the Prologue, the timing of some sound design and voice over does not line up correctly with visual events
  • Very rare possible crash in the interactive cutscene
  • You cannot save during the Prologue between the two missions
  • If you game over during the tutorial, do not press “load last save” or it will make your game crash

Battle mode

  • If you are sent back to the main menu after a bit of time in the battle menu, please verify the integrity of your files on Steam to fix the issue (this is linked to the Anti-Cheat)
  • In the battle menu, there is no tooltip over the locked skills and upgrades
    You must play in ranked to unlock them properly
  • In the battle menu, it is possible to see some issues with portraits not updating properly
  • In a battle, the keybinding shortcuts are all displayed as “A”
  • If you pause the game in battle, the FX will be displayed wrongly
  • The Tyranids skill Speedy Recovery has the wrong FX and SFX played
  • You can see a fire inside the Tyranid ships after a deck critical or on lateral weaponry
  • In the battle menu, you can select two extra ork weaponry and they will overlap in game (only unlocked at the higher Ork ranks)
  • There are possible issues in the matchmaking
  • If one of the players closes their game or internet connection during the loading of a game, it blocks the other
  • In some rare cases the matchmaking will not start properly
  • The game is peer-to-peer based in multiplayer, the host does not run into specific issues, but the guests can have some display issues
  • In large multiplayer battles the guest can rarely experience graphical desynchronization
  • In multiplayer, the guest sees the ships explosion duplicated at the center of the map
  • In multiplayer, the disconnect issue pop-up are placeholder from BFG1
  • In multiplayer, the guest can sometimes not see the disengage bar filling itself
  • It is possible to select to select both an ally ship and an enemy ship at the same time
  • There are some specific skill interactions that will not work as intended


  • The game is not crash-free, but we are not running into them too often
  • Most crashes observed are from memory issues


  • The confine Mouse Cursor does not work properly
  • The dynamic resolution is not fully functional
  • In-game performance is not final
  • There are some freezes linked to UI display (for example: Custom Fleet Panel will take a few seconds to load up)

As stated above, please remember that this is a Beta, and that you should expect instability and crashes. Please make sure that you report any issues that you encounter, as that is the best way to make us aware of something that needs fixing. These forums are the best place to do so.

Thanks, and have fun!

The Focus Home and Tindalos teams.

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Permanent freeze from create fleet UI and Fleet details UI, even music has stopped now, I have tested multiple times and have same result.

I was with a friend trying to do a "Skirmish 2v2". The game mode was "Skirmish 1vs1" when I chose my fleet (Necron praetorian 1vs1 fleet). However I did notice we were not in the right mode and I clicked on the "Skirmish 2vs2" mode. Game froze and had to use the Task Manager to shut down the process and restart the game.

@iyagovos Prolougue Mission second part can be blocked if we defeat the enemy fleet before using auto-engagement in the tutorials

Prologue Part 2 tutorial can be blocked if we defeat the enemy without using auto-engagement

For anyone who had the Easy AntiCheat system go wrong after the initial install, the fix:

  1. Open up command prompt. Click the Windows icon, and type "cmd" in the bar. Right click on cmd and select "Run as Administrator.
  2. Type "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF". If you get "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. Access is denied" you aren't running it as an admin. It should say something along the lines of "Change successfully applied".
  3. Type "bcdedit -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF". Same as the previous point.
  4. Reboot your computer.

Should fix the stupid anticheat program.

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When playing the 2nd mission of the Prologue, if one of the 3 enemies in the second wave mutinies and flees the battle, objective to "Kill all enemies" cannot be completed.

FPS drops for no apparent reason. Same on Low to Epic graphic settings.

After completing 2v2 skirmish match, my invited friend always kicked out in the main menu.

I'm not getting green flashes I'm getting a solid green screen on launch so how am i supposed to change it to non fullscreen mode exactly when i can't even get past the accept the beta terms?

Can you adress the "Fatal Errors" alot of people are having , right after/ at the disclaimer window ( after the Focus intro vid) ?

Very annoying not being able to play , or only playing in a Windows Troubleshooter mode

@thanatos31 We're looking into it, would it be possible for you to post a DXDiag for us? Let me know if you need help doing this, and you can upload it to WeTransfer.

Minor thing:
In the Video Options you got the "View distance" option and you can chose "OFF" wich gets reset after switching menus e.g Main Menu -> Battle Menu and back.

@iyagovos Hi, when are you planning to deploy a patch to fix the fatal errors and matchmaking issues?

2/3 of time, Augur probes and torpedoes doesn`t animate at all, but reveals/damages the enemy.

@iyagovos said in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 First Launch and Known Issues:

Battle mode

If you are sent back to the main menu after a bit of time in the battle menu, please verify the integrity of your files on Steam to fix the issue (this is linked to the Anti-Cheat)

Done this multiple times and the problem still continues.

After a bit of testing I finally was able to play some games in skirmish.
If I play Imp or Chaos, the game is stucked after clicking launch.
I can play normally with Necrons/Spacemarimes and Taus (both).
Didn t try the other factions yet.

Edit : Was finally able to play all factions and also to go in custom fleet. Was fine until it freezes when looking at Custom fleet in Imperial

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Huge FPS drops for no apparent reason. It dosen't depend from grapich setttings on Low or Epic same drops

@jhorrty Could you please provide your DXDiag?