UI Bug When Switching from Commander to Oberserver

As the title says, I switched from a Commander to an Observer between spawn waves to help another commander out, but then I noticed that the UI icons for each other did not reverse, and stayed the same as when I was still commander. Here are the screenshots that prove it, you can tell I'm an observer as my inventory has no binoculars, and in both screenshots I'm calling in mortars:



It is possible that the opposite is true as well, changing from an observer to commander. Please can this get fixed, as it becomes much harder to assess where the nearest commander is in relation to you.

Many thanks,


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Same for me.
Same thing happens to me when switching from any other class to commander/observer after death. I don't get the radio distance meter or the support radial menu or the white symbol on the character of my radio man to see where he is.
I keep the UI from the last life. I always have to die one more time to get the right UI.
And of course, when I switch back to Rifleman or any other class, I get the Commander/ Observer UI from my last life.