No Point Reward/Incentive for Observer Class

The observer class has been favourite class for me, as I enjoy support style gameplay and helping the team, over solo running and gunning. One problem though it you get no points for it; not when you successfully call in a strike without dying, nor from the resulting kills. Only the commander does. Because being a good observer really means sticking back with the commander and waiting for him/her, not getting stuck in capturing bases etc, I think currently there is less incentive to play this role.

In my opinion, you should either get assist points from successful kills the commander got from the strike, or a fixed amount of points when a strike is called in. Between the two, I prefer the latter, as ultimately it is the commander's decision where the strike is placed, and so he/she should be the one rewarded or penalized for that decision. Your job is to stick by them and take cover when calling it in; if you do that, then there should be a point reward.

Less and less do I see this class being chosen, and subsequently no one wants to be commander as they can't do their job either.

Is there any chance you can take this into consideration?



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@talaris Unless they have changed something very recently as a Observer you sure do get any kills that are a direct result from the support that you called in for your Commander. I have had matches as an observer with 12-18 kills while only ever actually engaging 2-3 enemies with my rifle which results not only in kills but points as well. So unless I misread your post this is already a thing my friend..!

@planetcanada Thanks for this, I wasn't aware that you also get kills for calling in strikes as Observer. I still believe a small point reward to successfully calling a strike in would be worthwhile, perhaps both for the Commander and Observer. Especially as on many occasions you'll be assisting using smoke and chemical gas, not mean to get kills but to push/defend objectives respectively.