The customization system could be much better

First of all let me swear that im not rallying against paid micro transactions for simply existing. I am stating my point from a position of pure enjoyment and sincerity. So nobody should be toxicly dismissing me as a troll.

We really dont need a grind system for the cosmetics. Just let us make our soldier and keep customisation to our guns. The system isnt rewarding. Its just pointless. i just wanna make my guy. I have no interest in putting in 100 hours to get there and another hundred if i feel like being someone else. May as well make us pay to change our nametags while were at it.

And besides, if you have to have really fancy eye catching cosmetics "why would you even do that" put them behind challenges. Cod ghosts did that one thing really well. THATS how you create a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Bring back challenge based unlockables.

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There's not an outfit you could want in the game currently which you couldn't unlock every single required item for in one single day's play.

@whitby That’s not really his point. Grind can get pretty boring for a lot of games, but it’s easy to implement, and there aren’t really any better solutions to it. Although I would like to see something similar to DOI where say after a certain amount of headshots with a specific gun you got a nicer skin for it.


I don't really see how the current cosmetic system qualifies as grind. It's like saying getting to level 5 on Skyrim is a grind... You're long past it before you know it.

Yeah, the customization is really not that interesting. There's only so much clothing items that I really like and want. And when I unlocked them after some hours, I'm pretty much done with it. Most of it is just not appealing and just 'meh'. I don't see it becoming profitable with micros. Well, that's how I see it. Maybe I'm wrong.

Are visual gun customizations planned? That would be cool. The ones in DOI were great + you had to work for them, not buy them.

Sooo... about it not being grindy:
I put nearly two hours into a coop match, my team doesn't make it because bots are damn snipers with their grenades and molotovs -> I get like 5% of my XP bar filled. Even when winning (lvl 20 rn) you only get 10-20% progress from again, an hour of gameplay. Let's say I'd like to play dressup as an American SpecOps, I'd have to get so many freakin tokens for boots, top, pants, helmet, gloves, camo... I can't speed up the process much by skill, it's just plainly very boring and unenjoyable to have such content locked by basically play-time.

I am very much for an achievement or challanged based unlock system, which would actually make a fun experience out of unlocking new stuff.

In addition to that:
Why am I continously progressing slower as I level up, making it even harder to get the desperatedly needed tokens? This system is anti-rewarding for hardcore players and is no good for anybody.

@ryuk47 I feel you. I dont get how people say the grind is like getting to level 5 in skyrim. back in the alpha when things were at their cheapest, i had to put it around 20 hours to get me looking somewhat like i wanted to. I certainly didnt want to spend another 20 to be someone else "lets not forget that i have to outfit 2 different people at once" and when they increased it by 10x for the beta i was just done. Its like red dead redemption. Lets make it completely insane and once we dail it down to somewhat insane, people will praise us.

Well im sorry but i just want to play insurgency without worrying about playing dress up.

Oh and the cosmetics were not good at all. I didnt get close to whom i wanted to be. 4 different hair styles? REALLY??

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Leveling up in Skyrim is achieved by exploring an open world which is a very diverse experience in comparison to a more repetetive experience like it is offered by Sandstorm or the Online modes in recent Rockstar titles.

Grinding through the same gameloop over and over without much difference isn't fun but frustrating.

@boocheus As much as I do understand your frustration in all fairness you very well can just “play insurgency without worrying about playing dress up” as it is purely cosmetic and in no way changes the game play or mechanics. I myself don’t mind it as once I have grinded enough to be able to afford that specific “sweater” lol I feel a sense of accomplishment. That being said I really hope that upon release there are a substantially larger number of cosmetics. At the very least I feel safe to assume there will be more than 4 hair styles. 😆

im just not happy i cant have mutton chops and sandals together, and where are the damn bed sheet robes 🙂


I definitely do want a bedsheet for my dude. I'd pay for that lmao.