Game Crashing when joining matches

Before the update i wasn't able to even join a match after the update i can but it crashes 80% of the time the game runs rarely but when it runs it runs very smoothly after a few stutters here and there. I do have a pretty low end PC but without the stutters the game runs at a solid 30-45 fps on low settings.
Core 2 duo- E8400 @ 3.00 GHz
GTX 750 ti 2GB

It would be greatly appreciated if the game gets more optimized for me after release, i really love this game and i want to play it without crashing 20-30 times a day 🙂

Your system is lacking massively on the RAM. Most users have 8GBs and even they sometimes experience performance problems. However, I think your CPU and GPU are very low end as well. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much we or you can do unless you upgrade your components. I'm sorry.

I get it. Yeah im using a bad PC well i'll still try to play the game its really fun tho ,thanks for
taking the time to reply 🙂