Team Killing - completely BUSTED

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You can kill someone 6+ times without getting kicked. This guy started TKing me, so I started TKing him back. I noticed that you get a warning for team killing (1 of 3), etc. However it stays on 1 of 3 for kills and even after sides swapped. This guy killed only ME 5 times, he killed the rest of our team probably over 10+ times not including me.

Can something be done about this?

Hi there,

This was just answered in the Reddit AMA being hosted by NWI:

"It will be before the open beta on December 7th, hopefully the day before so we have 24 hours to address anything critical. But we also might need that extra 24 hours. We'll show patch notes once the patch is out.

We're concerned about including a vote kick/vote ban system. We had one in Insurgency 2014 and we deliberately did not include it in Sandstorm because it was open to abuse. Interestingly, Ground Branch just yesterday announced they removed votekicking for the same reason. However, we recognize that some players have been running into griefers and have had some pretty frustrating experiences. So we've updated the teamkilling system to work where after your first teamkill it starts to reflects team damage. Fire Support teamkills are omitted from this though and work under the normal three teamkills and you're kicked.

  • Michael"

You can see the full AMA here.