Need to be able to continue playing games after the map is won or lost

Every time a game finishes using the normal find match selector, everyone gets booted to search for a new game. There needs to be a way for it to start a new game with everyone still in it. I feel this is what makes people leave.

I understand that it works in server browser, but the servers are always empty so no one uses them anyway.

@stunzl Bump! Been telling myself this will happen hopefully itโ€™s in the plans..

@stunzl @planetcanada I assume its already a feature. I've heard map voting is in-game, so my guess is that map voting in official servers is disabled so tests with players are more randomized (AKA more accurate).

@marksmanmax I believe map voting is currently co-op only but hopefully it will be added to pvp and as far as staying in the same server your theory sounds plausible and hopefully is added as well!

@planetcanada Map voting isn't in Coop or PvP lmao. It can be turned on, though, if you're hosting a custom server.

Like Siege's "Keep Playing As A Team" button. It's a good idea.