Exclusive fullscreen mode is currently broken.

The game forces you to use windowed mode. For those of you who are wondering why exclusive fullscreen matters, here's why:

  • Windows 10 forces v-sync on all desktop/explorer.exe programs, which includes games that are in windowed mode or borderless window mode.V-sync on means that you get easily 100ms extra of input latency, which is felt!

  • It breaks G-sync and FreeSync (as far as i'm aware), and this holds true for any game on PC. If you force windowed/borderless, the monitors that people spend $300+ and gpus that are $400+ don't get use out of a major selling point of these monitors.

  • Lowered performance in general (overall framerate, frame pacing, etc.)

I would love to see this addressed, while I still get loads of kills and i've played the game for 200+ hours now, it's infuriating when the source game has better mouse input, even when I'm getting 90-120 fps in sandstorm.

Even if you set your config to set preferred fullscreen mode = 0, it won't fix it. In fact, going fullscreen and borderless literally does nothing. alt text

Also, for those of you who think that exclusive fullscreen is working, it isn't.
Why do I say that? Because if you hit your windows key while in-game, and you see the game in the background with no sound, that means exclusive fullscreen is BROKEN. All of this matters.

switch to windowed(borderless) and try Alt+Enter.

I'm Having a problem where if I go into fullscreen whether windowed mode or not my game immediately crashes.