Server/client freezing?


not sure if it was posted. Tried searching but did not found anything good. So, sorry if it should not belong here.

Current problem for me: randomly game freezes in game (coop mode at least). It freezes, you can walk around, shoot and so on, but after few seconds you will be teleported to some location or you will be killed during that freeze. Only way to notice that something is wrong, is that bots might be going in straight line, you can't shoot them down and they don't react to anything. And when everything unfreezes into some mess (you getting swarmed, getting killed and so on).

Does anyone has same problem? Maybe it is know issue and fix is known? Or i hope it will be fixed later on.

Two more things to note:

  1. Ping - joining servers with as low ping as possible (up to 50-60). Everyone in server having the same. Not noticing anything wrong ping.
  2. FPS - 50-60 fps always (during whole game and freezes).

Server needs a restart regularly otherwise issues like this arise