No XP on user-owned cooperative servers is ridiculous.

Especially when the public servers have next to no enemy AI presence and so many players crammed onto them that everybody just plays for kills because the only risk of death is from being hit by an explosive aimed at another team member.

It's extremely unfair that the choice is between a fun experience on a 4-5 player server with massively increased AI numbers or no XP/cosmetics.

Well from the developer's standpoint, by allowing xp gain on private servers, it could potentially open doors for xp farms which would have players progressing through the cosmetics unlock system way too quickly.

If the developers ever intend on selling cosmetics points for cash, this would undermine the whole scheme (perhaps this is a clue at NWI's eventual intentions with the cosmetic system... just saying).


How is that reasonable?

If it's a purely cosmetic system where any outfit can be attained in less than a day (which it currently is), why downgrade the experience of thousands who want to play on their own servers to prevent tens unlocking their cosmetics illicitly?

They should be careful, downgrading the experience of those playing fairly to punish those not is probably patented by EA.

@whitby I'm not saying its reasonable, I just think its indicative of what NWI is going to be shipping eventually.