Insurgency Sandstorm Server Assistant Released

Please an update kind sir ... or release the source files and someone else will do it.

Yes, please!

But @devs what I wonder is, why don't you (the Developers) give us such a tool?
Pointy already did most of the work - you only have to update it and I think it would also increase the player base.
My best friends and I would love to host our own server and play the game but we are not able to 😞
Well not anymore.

Since the creator of the tool has not been able to update us on this I found another tool that can do just about the same. Head over to for info.

Server assistant does not seem to work?
Pity, it looked good.

bump titty bump titty bump titty bump bump bump , any have the source files I can finish it off

very nice tool. good work 😃 thanks