Jiggity Janked Doors!

Lol speaks for itself..!!0_1543513524314_D9DF25BB-B703-4389-81EF-134E0D9D53B0.jpeg

Yes, but you can walk through that. This happened to me yesterday. The door seems to be open, but I can't walk through... And yes, I am a total potato, but the door distracted too much πŸ˜ƒ

Youtube Video

Sometimes the door has been "kicked down" but it still stays fully upright, so bots "see" through it in coop and shoot even though you have what looks like a fully-closed door.

@thehappybub Haha I have seen this in pvp as well!

@thehappybub @x-Na If you are able check out this video I posted a while ago this was actually before the last big update but I think it’s worth a watch..πŸ˜† https://we.tl/b-JSxYQwLPpw