Next Update?

Do we have any idea when the next patch/update is coming? Because as it is I can't run this game (I might have mentioned that a few times already) and I hate to sound like an impatient troll, but I'm not fond of keeping games in my library that I can't run.

If anyone knows anything about when the next update/patch will come out, kindly let me know. I'm not big on following social media and whatnot.

Release is in 14 days. I'd expect an update then. I'm not sure about there being many optimization changes, but who knows. Maybe it's time to look at your system and eliminate bottlenecks or a general upgrade?

There's no way they're going to release in 14 days.

Of the six promised maps, we've seen five. Precinct exists but hasn't been tested by the community in any way - based on the feedback volume for the previous maps, it'd be madness to release (the game) without testing (the map).

Then there's the weapon bugs...

Then there's the crazy weapon imbalance (which needs to be addressed after they address the TTK, in my opinion, but even if they don't touch the TTK this isn't remotely acceptable.)

Then there's the performance issues. These are, for me, mostly addressed. Mostly. Yet there's still people with decent machines (including me) who cannot get 60FPS because even the maps we've had for months aren't optimised properly.

I've nothing bad to say about NWI, I've been a fan of their work since the mod. I'm just stating the reality of the situation is that release date is going to get pushed back once again else they're going to have a PR disaster on their hands on release. I'm confident the game will be done eventually and it'll be great.

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@whitby Actually precinct was part of the closed Alpha. it is the map i had the most fun in. certainly I would expect to see a test of it before the release though, particularly since the meta has changed a bit since the test.


Just went through my emails and found the closed technical alpha one. It states the six maps were to be present. Weird... I played the shit out of it for the entire 11 days and never once saw two of the six maps? That's statistically so improbable...

@snakelegionnaire Precinct was not part of the Alpha bud. That's their new CQB map they've never let us play. We lost Crossing and Summit as of right now. Though they went through name changes. I think crossing is called canyon now.

@Whitby I can consistently get about 144 frames with graphics on very high. But when it stutters, it's a "Hey buddy! wanna take a quick trip down to 90 during the most crucial part of your firefight?" Or "wanna play the game walking straight forward? Strafing side to side is gonna cause horrible rubberbanding, and you dont want that now do you!"

This game isn't release ready. They NEED feedback on the fixes alone before going live. Are they gonna pull a WW3 and destroy the size of our playerbase before it ever gets off the ground?

ALSOOOOOO.......why the actual HELL aren't they responding to us here on the OFFICIAL FORUMS. They're responding on the Steam forums?? really? Who's the community coordinator, and why arent they doing their job. We cant consistently communicate with anyone on the dev team in here.

@whitby Have to agree would be very surprised if they released on the 12th.. If they do prolly gonna be one hot mess lol. I’m thinking big update extended beta again! Just a gut feeling.

I dont want to believe it, but i feel like you could be right. What happened to, "we're making the transition to Unreal 4.2, then from that point on updates will be much more frequent"

@lordsiggi Well once again they are a smaller team and I do believe they are trying it’s just difficult and I said this all before but it’s going to take some time. I have this sneaky suspicion that while they are working on optimizing the game and fixing bugs they are more than likely still going back to the drawing board and trying to decide on how and what to change to make the game successful because let’s face it while I do believe the dev team actually cares about making a game that is fun and of quality they also want to make a game that is going to sell. So at this point I imagine they are discussing ways to please both the veteran crowd and a new player base which as anyone can agree is tough to do! That being said I will support them either way because I truly loved their Source version and just the modern era altogether. I am a little tired of ww2 and futuristic stuff just isn’t my cup of tea in terms of FPS’s. I just last night bought a second copy of Insurgency SS on my second steam account on my laptop mostly just to support the devs and throw a little more money their way..! At the end of the day I do hope it succeeds.

At Dec. 13 we now everything - latest. Btw... ist's just a game... Himmelkreuzdonnerwetter... 😁

@pakislav said in Next Update?:

Release is in 14 days. I'd expect an update then.

If barely anyone runs the game smoothly? Oh boy.

Haha jokes on us all. Dec 12 they gonna drop huge runs perfect for everybody..everybody loves the game..have a holly jolly christmas..!! 😘

@pakislav said in Next Update?:

Maybe it's time to look at your system and eliminate bottlenecks or a general upgrade?

I suppose it is. Was silly of me to think I could get Sandstorm to run on my current specs. I just figured it couldn't possibly be more demanding than ARMA 3. I was wrong. Time to upgrade!

@lordsiggi Precinct was a part of the alpha. I played it many times.

@lordsiggi Precinct was in the closed Alpha, and i can prove it, just visit the patch/hotfix logs on the closed alpha part of this forum. EG:

Map Balance & Fixes:
Visual update.
Checkpoint security fixed objective A.

Fixed missing building.

Fixed potential spawn camping issue of Insurgent spawn in Firefight West.
Reduce playable area in Firefight West.
Other visual fixes.
Reeds will no longer fade out on low settings.

Fixed capture zone UI position in Firefight West.

Minor optimization pass.

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@thenickgann I knew I had to have played it and was not imagining things! It was a good map, reminded me of Summit's urban area.

Precinct was awesome in the closed alpha. I'm not sure how other testers didn't play it. Maybe hey were part of the earlier testing group? I was part of the second group so perhaps it was only tested during the second phase?

As for it not running smoothly on systems; I have a 7700K, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 1080GTX. I haven't seen my FPS drop below 60 during massive fights.

@bullet59 Correct, the next update will be with the open beta, and will add the full content of the game.