Left hand while holding melee weapon looks dumb

when holding your melee weapon, your left hand looks absolutely stupid, in my opinion.
the cramping finges that bend upwards and point in different directions.
why is the character holding it like that? preparing to grab somebody? If so, it would look better if it was formed like he's about to grab somebody's shoulder, all fingers together, same direction for maximum strenght. Not like he's about to play some difficult, finger bending piano sonata. ^^

Just imagine he's a pianist.
Strange how we notice the little things. Its only slightly odd if you stare for a long time. Its fine.

@brumby92 attention to detail is important. In sandstorm, this is most critical in the weapons as insurgency has always prided itself on accuracy in firearm mechanics. A bunch of small bothersome things which are very visible, like your character's hand, will quickly stack. It's not like a priority, but they should fix it eventually.

I would love to see some takedowns, because melee is so uncertain at times since you gotta aim for the head, tbh it should just be a 1 hit kill no matter what.

@freedn Have to agree would love to see a quick knife jab with both hands straight to the throat from the front and a quick slit of the throat from behind nothing crazy just a quick little animation to insinuate this is what’s happening! I’m not sure if weapon butt or melee with weapon equipped is OHK but would be cool if it just stunned the person really bad like almost the effect of a flash bang can’t see shit or really react after being hit. I say this as I’m not sure what happens with gun melee as I only melee with my knife out and my expiriences are varied in regards to knife kills but I don’t think butt end of the gun should be a OHK.. or is it a kick I’m confused now lol.. I have seen people kick thin air and I’m not quite sure how they do it come to think of it lol..

@planetcanada Some people think this is ridiculous but I honestly wanna see the same thing. I wanna dunk on some skrub in style lol.

A knife to someone's throat should teach them to watch flanks more often. Also, the ability to maybe hold down the melee key to perform a instant-kill kick (similar to door kicking) would be pretty neat. You could sneak up on some LMGer spraying out a window and kick his ass straight through it lol.

I've probably been playing too much Dark Messiah, recently.

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