Toxic Players

There is not a way to kick toxic players, and there seem not to be any punishment for teamkilling if others are joining in with teamkilling.

I have played with 2 players recently who were playing in a PVE match with me. They did not stay on the object on a defensive point and caused the round to be lost. The players tried to blame others, but when was told it was his fault he proceeded to get incredibly toxic. They started spamming on my steam profile after I logged off. That was the extent of our first interaction.

They joined another round a few days later and recognized my name. The round started with being immediately teamkilled by one of the players. They continued to kill me each time I respawned. One player had killed me 3 times in one match and still had not been removed from the game (I thought 3 would kick or do something since it gives a warning of 1 out of 3 when a teammate is killed). Both players were able to keep me dead for the entire match. There was no way to vote to remove these players or do anything about it.

Trolls are bound to appear and there NEEDS to be a way to remove them.

Votekick really needs to happen.