Spawn killers running wild.

Even after update, our team couldn't even get out of spawn. Constant one shot kills IN SPAWN, not running out, but within seconds of spawning. Some guys never even moved. Frandito bandito does this constantly, no one gets to play when he is spawn killing the entire team. Its not unusual to see him get 150 kills in a round, with less than 10 deaths.

Our full team had a total of 19 kills, when he had double that. We need to stop this, I wont tell anyone I know to buy this game with this garbage going on. Its no fun when you can play.

The spawn zones on maps really need to have ZERO line of sight possibilities from areas accessible by the enemy. If everyone runs out en masse then that's their issue, but the spawn zone itself needs to be immune to this. Period.

So weird this ain’t fixed. It’s so obviously game breaking. He Grenades are OP and combined with no safe spawn it breaks the game and this needs to be addressed.

Btw Frandito is a hero for his continuous effort to expose bugs like this, as it is in all our interest - Including him - To get it patched. In the meantime, I don’t understand how people can let him dominate that much. Use He grenades back, camp his spawn back, keep a couple of teammates to observe and protect the team spawn area and communicate - From his videos, enemies look like headless chickens just blindrushing:)

It’s extremely unfun to run out of spawn and have half your team blown up by a placed explosive or mowed down by an enemy lightyears away before you are even halfway to the objective. I really hope there is some kinda fix for this, as it is ruining a lot of the enjoyment from this game.


The obvious fix is to make less explosives available. This is no mystery, but it may seem the devs want it like this as the game mechanics are created like this. It’s a bit on the RNG side as there is no way to counter a He grenade from above or a c4 hidden, but communicating and predicting enemy tactics will at least make the game balanced, as there is no reason to repeatedly let the enemies do this without doing it back.


A lot of the initial runs to objectives have sight lines that the enemy can take advantage of. While they can't normally kill a player directly on spawn without a transition occurring during Push, once you walk out, it's fair game.

With the exception of grenades and artillery, getting shot requires a line of sight, and good IED/C4 detonations normally involve a visual confirmation. The more cover a route offers, the slower progress you're gonna make in exchange for not getting brain-panned instantly.

Outside of that, spam the kerfluffle out of smoke, or at areas you've been shot from, and you'll notice your chances of survival skyrocket. You aren't supposed to have a clear run to an objective nine times out of ten, and half the punishment for losing a position or getting pushed back is that your enemy doesn't have to defend or attack from OBJ directly.


Hehe, this is so true. Getting your team to equip smokes is a real pain sometimes, and you have to advertise it repeatedly to make sure ppl actually register, and even then, they often have an itch to blind rush to a guarded area 2-3 times before realizing that getting a smoke or two was not such a bad idea..