Weapon balance is poor

Bolt action rifles are useless - need damage buff &/or ROF increase. I really enjoyed playing with bolt action - but it often takes multiple shots to put down enemies! The damage is too low and the cycle rate too high. You are basically playing with a handicap - shotgun with slug rounds is often better with a 2X as a mid range sniper than a bolt action & way too easy to get sprayed down at even moderately long ranges by AK/AR full auto.

I would argue for a reload speed boost rather than a ROF boost. All they'd have to do is speed up the animation for putting shells in. (not counting the stripper clip for the mosin)

I just feel like I spend 75% of my time reloading with a bolt. my gun is never "ready" because I'm forced to use almost every second of downtime to hit R to put more bullets back in.

Anything in the upper chest is a kill. A shot in the knee aint gonna kill ya.

That stripper clip is almost necessary. damn that thing does take a while to reload.


Not with the M40 on heavy armour past spitting distance it ain't.

I too enjoy playing with a handicap, but that's what it is. Every bolt action to the chest has been out for the count for me.

Mk14 is a better choice and seems to kill 1 hit 9/10 times.

M14 hits harder than the M40.

There's handicaps and there's attempting to war while in a coma...