NEW MRMod IS OUT 1.8.1

Why not post it in the existing thread?

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@alpscruiser said in NEW MRMod IS OUT 1.8.1:

Why not post it in the existing thread?
Not sure what you mean, a new update dropped which alot of us have been waiting for. and i posted the link.. your welcome_RUFUS


It’s really not that hard to find rolleyes


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@rufus i had put in both categories( general and modding) to increase visibility knowing that a lot of us have been waiting for the update.. i hope that it was not in violation of forum protocol. just trying to help

Thanks for posting this info @rufus.
I installed the newest version and had some major issues with my map, I have gone back to the previous version but have had to spend some considerable time repairing the terrain. The auto error log doesn't seem to work either.

@fatboy.. the error log works for the models, but not at start up when it goes thru all these pre build files.
i trashed yesterday's map and started a new one from scratch.. it (editor beta) is working well, so far. i'm going to try in game after supper..
from the mod description:

- Supported version: Spintires Mudrunner - Editor Beta version 17/12/08.

  • Removed restrictions on the size of the map when creating a new one. But at the moment there are bugs with large sizes, including errors with a lack of memory.
  • Improved calculation of heights (you can make more steep slopes).
    - Some interface improvements (no error message is displayed (it writes only in the log), etc.)
  • Starting the editor mode as usual via Steam, or through the modified SpinTiresEditorMod.exe, it patches the possibility of allocating more than 2 GB of memory to the application.
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