Kicked for Anti-Cheat Violation

So a game on the refinery map ended, and then I went to click on NEXT MATCH, and spawned on the Farm House map after about five or ten seconds.

And then I got the "Kicked from Server for Anti-Cheat Violation" message. I figured it was a network mistake or something, so I tried searching for another match, and got the same thing. And then a third time.

So, I'm not sure what to do. My net's been hacked in recent years, but this doesn't strike me as someone screwing with my computer (though it may be), so I'm wondering how I can fix this.

For the record I've never hacked a game nor used an aimbot in my entire life, and this is really a new experience for me.

Any help is welcome.

I've seen posts before where certain graphics card-related pluggins or drivers caused this kind of response by the anticheat program (like some physx thing). Its probably something that installed through a silent update without your knowledge entirely. I don't know the specifics but perhaps revert to a previous graphics driver and see what happens?

Hey Blue Ghost,

Could you provide your DXDiag to us, please?

Okay, but who do I send it to? I just checked it, and so far Direct X says there's no issues.

I'll also add that the issue seemed to go away after I signed onto a coop server. For whatever reason, after doing coop I was able to log onto a PVP server. Go figure.

I have been playing CO-OP all morning and about 5 seconds into a match I received the black screen that says "Kicked from Server for Anti-Cheat Violation", it is not possible that an update caused this or it would have happened earlier. Does anyone know the cause or better yet know how to fix this?

@blue-ghost You would send it to us here on the forums, please upload using WeTransfer

@Bukiyou Could you also do this? Are you playing on official servers or custom ones?