Is it too late to point out things like this? Regardless, here you go...

I compared Hideout's Firefight: East and Firefight: West maps. Ordinarily, maps are oriented so that north is at the top edge, which puts east and west towards the right and left edges.

In the Firefight maps, the Firefight West area is actually directly above the Firefight East area. It therefore appears that north is not the top edge of the map, but the right edge.

I mention this because it's useful to know where north is when calling out locations. Obviously, folks can call the top edge north whether or not that was the artist's intent and it doesn't matter. Still, anal retentive people like me like to see consistency so I thought I'd point that out since I'm very uptight. 😣

Edit: To clarify, I'd rename Firefight West to Firefight North and Firefight East to Firefight South. I have not bothered to look at the other maps, so you can see how important this is to me.

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