Cant play full version

PS4 version, i have tried the trial version and then bought the full version, but the game does not rekonize it, so it still stands as the trial version and it ends in that yard where the trial ends, but when i follow unlocked the full version in the playstation store, it stands as i have bought it and i have payed for it, pls help


A few questions:

  • Could you give us your update number? It should be 1.06. You can find this number by using the "option" button on PS menu in the game picture, then picking "Update History".

  • Did the full transaction process to buy the game happen? Your Playstation display the game as bought and you lost the money?

  • Have you tried to delete the game and download it again from scratch?


Hi khede,

Just to chase you up, would it be possible for you to answer my colleague's questions above, as well as providing us with your PSN username, as well as your email address, in a PM to myself?


I'm having the exact same problem. I downloaded the trial version. Paid for the full game and nothing changed. Playstation Store recognises the game as bought, so the transaction has gone through. I have tried deleting the game and it's save files three times now and nothing helps! This is REALLY bad! Would very much like it fixed ASAP. Thank you!

Hi all,

We've discovered a potential fix for this.

Could you please follow the instructions here, to restore your licenses on your PS4. This should then allow you to play the full version of The Surge, as intended.

As we're still testing this fix, if this works for you, please let us know.

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@Iyagovos This worked like a charm for me! Thanks a lot! It's game time! : )

I followed the instructions you guys had but it doesn't work. Whenever I get to the main menu of the game it still has Trial Version in it's name. Any other way I can fix this?