Pooping feature

This game is pretty good but what I'd really like to see is a little more immersion. It would be really helpful if at random times characters needed to poop. This would require you to stop and poop on the ground. You could ignore it but face aiming penalties.

You really want this feature considering you're posting it in two threads.

@milsimelite True and proper milsim can't be attained in a computer game. For the truly Hardcore:





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i like to be able to smoke weed in the game.

@milsimelite Not how you should speak to people on these forums. Take this as your first warning.

I'd like to shop groceries in game and watch the character eat it than poop!

This is disgusting !
Moderator, can you please close/delete this thread.

Unbelievable how people jump on MilSimEliteĀ“s perverse boat.
I am ashamed of you !
This forum is the wrong place to ask for such ridiculous and disgusting things.
I am sure there is some kind of perverts forum where you can ask whatever you like and find enough likeminded people.

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@gsg_9_lightning There's nothing wrong with a joke post šŸ™‚

@iyagovos said in Pooping feature:

@gsg_9_lightning There's nothing wrong with a joke post šŸ™‚

Proceeds to give MilSimElite warning for a joke post

@gsg_9_lightning said in Pooping feature:

Unbelievable how people jump on MilSimEliteĀ“s perverse boat.

Lmao man, he's doing it for the meme. Nothing wrong with a good meme once in a while.

Every good decision-making process needs a jester. I don't know what @MilSimElite's specific motivation is, but I read this post as a kind of satire for how people on these forums keep asking the developers to include some really small, niche mechanic. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I get a laugh from this guy either being a troll or being a satirist beyond all of our comprehensions.

@tooth-decay There's a difference between a joke post and swearing at people.

@thehappybub I think I love him. His erotic novel post made me laugh so hard I started crying.

@dark1202 they should replace the last man music with moaning sounds

This isn't ARK.
I hate this retarded "meme culture" nonsense.

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you will face aiming penalties and your character begins to whine and groan about how he/she has to shit.

He probably got banned. Hasn't posted in a while.

RIP, hero. You were a good man.


@dark1202 He sure did says so on profile..