A more "traditional" or "tactical" outfit for the insurgents if possible

The current outfits insurgents have are quite terrible imo...
I would really love to see some non-standard issue military uniforms that you can use camo on. Or a more traditional looking outfit would be also nice.
For example: Insurgents in Squad

I'm pretty sure you guys don't have any spare time to model these but I just thought I'd type down my opinion.

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I liked the models from the ins2 mod "Resurgency" … I mainly got it for the security models which were absolutely dope, but the insurgent ones were really good too.

Oh hell I loved those too.

Well, they are not doing any of this because of team recognition, and them wanting to make this game competitive, you could confuse a friendly insurgent because hes got camo, just as the insurgents do, so theyre making the two teams visually different.

But don't you get name tags for recognition? Or would they delete those on competetive modes