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A letter from Nicolae, looted from a male corpse.

I assume it's his letter because Nicolae is a Romanian

male name according to Wikipedia. He says in it, that he

finally found the missing money (that he previously refused to pay)

he needed to get Milton Hooks to take her (his love) to Pembroke Hospital.

Am i assuming this correct? Milton refused to take the woman

because Nicolae refused payment. She's probably blood frenzied

inside some apartment somewhere, or moaning in misery down in

Sean Hampton's asylum. Nicolae quickly realized he needed to pay,

because her illness was getting worse. He finally finds the

missing money he or she misplaced and runs it to the hospital,

where he somehow died and is now laying in the make-shift morgue

being monitored by Rakesh Chadana. Rakesh said this morgue was

for the unidentified corpse's if i'm not mistaken. This begs to

wonder, does Milton or possibily Pippa Hawkins know who Nicolae is

and why he visited the hospital? Secondly, Why would Nicolae bring a letter

to the hospital for his love to read if she never got a ride to the hospital?

Did she actually get a ride without forced payment by Mr.Hooks? Is she alive at

Pembroke Hospital currently or reunited with Nicolae out back having their pockets rummaged through?How come Rakesh hasn't found the letter yet, and reported it to Dr.Swansea?

I am genuinely perplexed by this enviromental/text story. If anyone wants to elaborate and try

to sort this out for me, I'd love to read it!

EditFurther more, Does someone, or multiple people deserve severe punishment Ekon style?If Milton, and Pippa(The ring leader of this extortion scheme) have caused the death of Nicolae and his love due to extreme job negligence and self admitted extortion, should they be drained? Cadogan Bates (Slumlord from Whitechapel) also took advantage of the weak and unfortunate. I felt he had to pay the ultimate price for his grievances, especially considering the lack of law enforcement during the setting of the game and with the treatment of those immigrants living in Whitechapel. I may have to permanently fire Milton and Pippa from Pembroke Hospital via mysterious disappearance.

Edit #2I went back to speak to Milton and Pippa, to see if i could understand their decision to extort money from patients.

They both are in despair over the current outbreak and how futile the medical care is at PemBroke. Milton realized the opertunity at fortune. While also realizing the city is crumbling around him. He see's the money as future survival investment. I can't tell if Pippa was saving up to get out of London to be with her sister and family, or to just leave the hospital and join the Guard of Priwen. She said "Maybe my sister was right, i should stay here". How Pippa took that advice from her sister is not too clear in my opinion.

Conclusion: Milton is saving via extortion, for future survival in a apocalyptic Skal infested London (i believe), and Pippa is saving via extortion, to leave the Hospital and fight the infection in the streets by joining the Guards of Priwen(Thanks to her sister), OR may have possibily changed her mind(Thanks to her sister) and decided to stay at the hospital because she does care about the patients deep down. They both may be responsible for the deaths of Nicolae and his lover. Does Milton and Pippa deserve to die for their possible crimes?

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