new update?

There's bugs here and there. we all know it. Anyone know if the devs are planning an update before launch? I woulda thought they'd want feedback on the fixes before they launch the game. Unless they're about to do what COD did and release a 50+GB patch on day one.

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Yeah, i was confused that there was no update coming last week.
I hope there will be one this week.

Indeed, i really like to know if there will be an update before the launch.

Well barely anyone can run this game without stuttering rn so if they launch in this state it'll be big sad.

I get this from steam discussions page.
"Originally posted by Jonny-Higgins:
We are continuoulsy working on the game, and are currently aiming to get another update out before launch. I can't say when as it depends on several factors, but there is a lot of content, bug fixes, etc you havn't seen yet."

i dont get why they're responding there, yet not to us here on their OFFICIAL forums

Yeah thats really not nice that every important info/feedback and replies to requests are always on steam forums.
It should be here !

Sorry. We try to respond in as many places as we can. Right now the communications team, like the dev team, is busy prepping for launch.

We've also been busy doing more testing today, and there will lots of bug fixes, balance changes and optimization changes with the next patch. We generally avoid posting patch dates, but we'll release updates as soon as we can. The entire team is in crunch mode right now and we're as anxious as you are to show you what we've been working on.

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@alexblonski Are you capable of at least telling us if you're TRYING to patch before release? Are you guys shooting for a day 1 patch? Can you tell us your goals?

We've been testing your game since the Alpha and loving it. We give you feedback, you change things. It's been a good cycle, but there's a LOT of us, who aren't wholeheartedly recommending this to EVERYONE because you guys simply wont tell us what you're TRYING to do. It takes 30 seconds out of your day to say, "We're aiming for 1 more patch pre-launch, and then a day 1 patch" or "Our next patch will more than likely be day 1".

Word of mouth advertising is about 300% more effective than any other form of advertising known to man. Help us help you. I want this game to succeed.

i just got a 16MB update, what's that about?

@lordsiggi said in new update?:

It takes 30 seconds out of your day to say, "We're aiming for 1 more patch pre-launch, and then a day 1 patch" or "Our next patch will more than likely be day 1"

So that they can suffer more attacks for "dishonesty" and being "bad devs" from people at a maturity level of primary school? It's done when it's done and the devs will do what they think is best. You being told some silly guestimate that's most likely going to get scrapped serves absolutely no purpose at all.

It serves the purpose of trying to let the community know what's happening. It serves the purpose of letting us know if we should recommend this game to our friends who are on the fence. It serves the purpose of enhancing word of mouth communication, which, as i said, is the most effective form of advertising on the planet. I wont be recommending people buy the game on day 1 if shit doesnt get fixed/balanced. If 3 days before launch, they decide to push it back another few months, i'll be recommending people save their money until that launch day. There's reasons we communicate, it's not silly. I enjoy the development process, i enjoy being a part of it, and i'm asking that there be communication between the devs and the players. MANY of us feel this game isnt close to being release ready within 2 weeks, hence, why i'm asking.

Btw @Pakislav , i've enjoyed all of your comments in this forum. You've given precise constructive criticism, thoughtful input on changes, and genuinely cared about the balance and state of the game for it's release. I thought you, perhaps of all people, would want to hear from the devs. I'm comfortable waiting till release. This year has been the year of the flop though when it comes to gaming. I really dont want to see these guys release the game in it's current (or close to) state by launch. I hope to look forward to a strong player base going forward. Not another atrocious WW3 experience.

I just downloaded a 16MB update? What was that?

@maa_bunny @ZKWS Maybe the multi-coloured tree in the main menu I noticed yesterday morning? Lmao 0_1543731190703_58E17F73-2DA1-4DC0-826F-FB0EE0A8ED16.jpeg

@planetcanada i got the update after the tree was there, also the devs said it was a little bug patch