Bolt actions

Bolt action rifles should 1 tap in the arms. Because it makes the weapon RNG based when you aim correctly at the chest but it hits the arms in front of it and end up not killing your opponent.
Considering you have only 5 rounds chambered with a bolt and pretty much all the other weapons kill in like 3 bullets max, I think bolt actions should 1 tap in the arms but not the legs, to reduce the RNG and make it more viable, and reward the player that aimed well.

@rudged A better solution: make bullets deal damage based on the highest multiplier hitbox they pass through.

It's literally impossible to instantly kill someone by shooting them in the arm. Or the legs for that matter.

Rounds penetrating the arm and passing into the chest is a different thing, and should be modeled as such. There is already barrier penetration in the game, it should be applied to limbs if it isn't already.

It is applied already. (Apparently.)

I think OP's experience may come from the M40 which doesn't kill with torso hits half the time. (Mosin does consistently regardless of if people's arms are in the way.)

Not the arms but yeah bolt actions are really underpowered and slow firing - there's no point to using them other than a challenge at the moment