Hello folks 🙂
Before i start i would just like to say thanks to the Devs, BETA 2 is much much smoother than BETA 1, i'm finding it quite enjoyable now.

So, i was in conversion with a gaming friend while playing this game, he happened to mention that he felt the game was smoother after uninstalling the PhysX drivers.
He was not completely sure, he even said it might be a placebo effect.

So what i did was change the PhysX settings in the drivers from GPU to CPU, see image below. Before doing this the game was ok but there is still micro-stutter in it, after switch PhysX to CPU it felt smoother, again it could be a placebo effect, honestly its hard to tell, testament to how much better BETA 2 is than 1.

Now here's the thing, nVidia's in game effects, PhysX / Game Works.... do have a reputation for costing a lot of performance, but in recent years also for causing a lot of stutter in games.
This is why i think it might be a placebo, like many people i can feel the stutter in nVidia's sponsored games and i go into the options to turn all the nVidia crap off where i can, not that you always can but it does help when you can.

The thing about Unreal Engine is Epic Games do work a lot with nVidia and a lot of nVidia's crap is hard coded into the Engine.

Look... its something to think about, or test for your selves.

Anyway, the voice you hear is my gaming mate, Shadow Play had my voice muted at the time so you can't hear me.

My PC:
Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz
GTX 1070
Installed on an SSD
Win 10 Pro
Game Settings: everything max @ 1440P

My Gaming Mates PC:
Threadripper 2950X
GTX 1080TI
Installed on an NVMe drive
Win 10 Pro

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