HELP - OnFrameMove: EAaccessViolation ERROR

HI there, just need some help, and just to know if everyone else as getting this error on Mudrunner??
This error as begun about a week ago, and now erytime I play I get this error,.....
Is there any fix for it?? Any help?? Suggestions?? What to do??
And everytime this append it creates this error file:


And this is the picture of the error:
0_1543244158552_Mudrunner ERROR.jpg

Do you recall adding any new mods or maps just prior to the error starting to appear? IIRC this error appears in the editor if a mesh has too many polys...

I've gotten the sane error recently as well.

Hey @RCBuzz, are you playing with any mods? Have you added any recently, if so?

Thanks a lot for the quick replies!! πŸ˜‰
This begun with my new map I am building, other than that I use the steam workshop mods.
I have changed some things on my map, like custom terrains and overlays, and I believe the error begun with this changes, before this the error never append, maybe my map is causing this?? 😞
But sometimes with other maps / mods I get the same error but with different address codes,....I don´t know what to do!!! 😞
Any advise / suggestion to fix it??
Thanks in advance

PS - I get the error always on the same place of the map, when I reach that area map, Mudrunner crash,.....

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Try deleting your map .STG and then rebuild it. I've had similar issues and this seems to fix the problem for awhile.

Are there custom models/objects in your map? If so, is there one near the area that causes the crash? Something else to check out is the density of trees and stuff on your map. I had an issue with my FlyingBlind map where I'd painted an area with trees that were way too close together and it caused the editor to crash if that section of my map was within the draw distance of the editor's preview window. I used photoshop to edit that specific area so the trees weren't so dense (which is discussed in another thread in this forum) and that resolved the issue for me.

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Thanks a lot for the quick replies!!
@Fatboy I made what you said, I delete the .STG file and rebuild it again, and for now it seems to fix the crash problem, thanks for the tip!! πŸ˜‰

@Mexican_420 Yes, I am using custom models / objects, but the map always work fine until I used some 4k terrain textures / overlays.
Before that, I never had crashes / problems.
Smar19 tested my map and on is computer the map as no problems, but on mine always crashed on the same spot, but right now I got it fixed, with the tip of Fatboy.

Thanks guys!!

Map will be realeased soon on the Workshop!!

Stay tuned & keep crawl!!